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Slutty Girl

The "Slutty Girl" from This Year's Model

"Slutty Girl" is a character who appeared in This Year's Model. She was hinted to have taken Kevin Thompson's virginity; when Brittany angrily told a girl she was his "first" and "you can't take that away", Slutty Girl spoke up and said "I can". Kevin recognised her.

In the MTV flipbook "It Takes Two to Tangle" , it was written that their relationship was "an example of "puppy love," or more descriptively "doggies in heat." This relationship might have been saved had he bothered to learn her name."

In Fanfic

In August 2010, Hazazel initiated a discussion/challenge for someone to explain the significance of the "Slutty Girl". (Who is she?/Iron Chef: Slutty Girl).

Though there was some discussion, the thread soon evolved into an iron chef and a few contributions attempted to expand the character in several ways.

OverlordMikey's Something they don't have showed Clair (SG) as a loose, fun-time girl who disdained others' opinion of her on the basis of her own self worth.

thatLONERchick's First Loss showed SG (named Jackie Wentworth) as a heartbroken girl seeking forgetfulness in the arms of faceless lovers following the loss of first love. It is suggested that Jackie met Kevin in her junior year, when Kevin was a freshman. Their relationship ended early in the year, and by the time of This Year's Model Jackie is a senior, which would explain why she is never seen in any other episode in the series.

Others wrote short drabble-like scenes of SG as just another "town bicycle" which were amusing, but far from illuminating.

Later, she appeared as a member of The Maleficent Eleven in God Save The Esteem by Charles RB, again named Jackie Wentworth but with "Slutty Girl" as her gang name (Quinn was surprised to learn she had a real name).

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