A work in progress. Subject to revision

A work in progress. Subject to revision was a fanfic by Chris Tucker.

Inspired by the joke about "uranium in the drinking water" in "Esteemsters", the fanfic has Daria diagnosed with aggressive cancer and leukemia seven months before graduating; Daria goes through a sixth-month "Season of Hell" to beat the cancer into remission, before returning to Lawndale High.

"A work in progress" story goes non-linear a lot after the second chapter, to fill out the details of what happened.

The fanfic spawned over a dozen other stories in the same continuity. Several backstory elements are established here which carry on, such as establishing Aunt Amy works for the FBI; and Daria & Quinn are actually Helen's nieces by way of an extra sister, Elizabeth, and they'd suffered extreme neglect and abuse before being adopted by the Morgendorffers.

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