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Alternapalooza poster from The Daria Diaries

An outdoor rock concert that takes place in Swedesville, a town near Lawndale, in August every year. The concert is mentioned in "Road Worrier" and in a poster inside The Daria Diaries. The lineup consists of rock bands (with tongue-in-cheek names) that have never been heard of outside the Lawndale area, apparently.

The dates for the poster, August 15-17, correspond to Friday-Sunday, 1997. If Daria came to Lawndale in 1997, then the poster is from the concert one year before "Road Worrier."

Timeline issuesEdit

While Diaries places the concert in August, Daria is still in school in the final episode of S1 ("The Misery Chick"). As a result, fans often view either the episode (and "The Teachings of Don Jake") as taking place out of chronological sequence with other episodes or that year's Alternapalooza as occuring in a different month.

It can also be argued that "The Misery Chick" and S2 take place in Daria's junior year.

Alternapalooza in Daria FanficEdit