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{{succession box | title=[[List of Falling Into College stories|Falling Into College Stories]]<br/>"Boston Baked Band" | before=[[Freedom Of Speech]]| after=[[Lost Eagles Found]] | year=(Summer 2000)}}

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The 26th story in the Falling Into College series by Richard Lobinske. The story occurs during late July, 2000.

Daria as Katherine by RLobinske.


Daria prepares to perform as Katherine in her theater class's production of Henry V. Daria finds that, except for passes from the boorish leading man, she has enjoyed the experience. Mystic Spiral gets been hired to perform for the cast party. Helen and Jake are unable to attend, but Quinn does make it to Boston to squeeze into the apartment along with the band.

Preceded by
Freedom Of Speech
Falling Into College Stories
"Boston Baked Band"
(Summer 2000)
Succeeded by
Lost Eagles Found