Compton Engineering Building

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Built in the mid-1980s, the Compton Engineering Building is the home of the Advanced Cybernetics, Mechanics and Electronics Program (ACME) on the campus of the United States Academy of Extranormal Studies at Evansville, Indiana.

It has the dubious honor of being the furthest building from the USAES Old Campus. Despite the protestations of other programs and their facilities, it is the single most damage-resistant building on the entire USAES campus. The building is built to withstand a direct multi-megaton nuclear strike, an orbital energy/concuassion blast or solar flare, nuclear-force railgun strikes, gravity inversions, submergence and pressure extremes equal to being located seven miles below an ocean surface, 10.0-plus seismic events, and sudden displacement into outer-space or other environments with toxic, not-breathable or zero atmosphere.

The Compton Engineering Building is six stories high.