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Proposed Project Scope

The Daria Fandom Wiki is a database of information on Daria fandom, it's history, major personalities and all Daria fanworks. Original research (such as message board surveys and The Daria Temporal Analisis Project)in articles is OK if it applies to the show, fandom, or fanworks and should be appropriatly cited as a source. Canon information, while appriciated, should be kept to a bare minimum with links to appropriate sources on other sites

Proposed Category Guidelines

With the exception of the four meta-categories (Administrative, Canon, Fandom and Fanworks) all categories and pages should be listed under one or more categories.

Proposed Template Guidelines

As most of the information on this site is nonrepetitive and the total database size should be fairly small (compared to, say, Wikipedia) templates should be kept to the absolute minimum needed for administrative necesity.

Proposed General Guidelines for Articles

The Manual of Style and Wikipedia:NPOV tutorial covers this quite well.

Proposed Canon Guidelines

Articles in the canon section should contain just enough information to establish where the topic of the article comes from in canon, an image if appropriate to establish its appearance, then proceed to explain its relevence in fanworks, list fanworks where it played a significant role, etc. At the end of each of these articles should be a section containg off site links to further canon information on that topic (such as on Outpost Daria). There shouldn't be an episode guide nor articles on the individual episodes, and any such found will be imediatly made to point here, which points to appropriate off site guides.

Proposed Fandom Guidelines

Articles in the Fandom category and any of its subcategories should provide an appropriate history of their topic with what makes that particular person, place, et al significant to the fandom. The article should finally provide any appropriate off site links.

Proposed Fanworks Guidelines

Fanworks breaks imediatly into two seperate areas which need seperate guidelines.

Fan Characters and Locations

These articles should, as with those of canon, establish the topic with a basic description and any appropriate image, then explain it's significance in fanworks. Finally should be a list of the Fanworks where it played a significant role.

Stories, Art and Series

These varticles should begin with a basic synopsis of the work in question, provide both a positive and negetive criticism, or space for them, provide a listing of characters in the work, then finally link to the articles about the individual stories in the series or link to the offsite location of the work (if one is avalable.