Daria (TV series): Difference between revisions

(Added show’s link to the Terrific TV Shows and Episodes Wiki since her parent series is also on there. The channel rarely aired awful nonsense during its heyday but only one congests 90% of scheduling.)
The characters are still known well enough that [[Crossover#Drawn Together|''Drawn Together'', ''Robot Chicken'', and ''Family Guy''could cameo Daria]] at different times in the 2010s (albeit not nicely in two cases), and that ''Jezebel'' magazine could run an [http://jezebel.com/5550875/an-open-letter-to-heidi-montag-from-quinn-morgendorffer?skyline=true&s=i open letter from "Quinn"] as an article in May 2010. Following the DVD release, Watsky & The GetBand would go on to use Daria as the setpiece for [[A Love Story]]'s music video, complete with some commentary from Daria; internet reviewer The Nostalgia Chick would compare ''Daria'' to the 90s film ''She's All That'' in [http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/team-nchick/nostalgia-chick/32202-shes-all-that a review of the latter], with ''Daria'' episode "[[Through A Lens Darkly]]" held up as better.
Talking to ''Vice'' for an oral history, Eichler opined that "The minute Daria showed any vulnerability, some people declared that she jumped the shark", and referenced a lot of fans disliking her having a boyfriend. "Daria was echoing a place a lot of the viewers were in emotionally, but some of them just didn't keep going with her."
Finally, Raphael Bob-Waksburg [https://www.rollingstone.com/tv/tv-features/bojack-horseman-netflix-raphael-bob-waksberg-718290/ told ''Rolling Stone'' ] that the show was a big influence on his black comedy, ''Bojack Horseman'': "As a teen, I really related to that character: the smartest person in the room who has disdain for everybody. But she was really well-developed, and that was cool. It did a good job of showing that smart people aren’t always right and stupid people aren’t always bad. I want to give my characters nuance. You think you have these archetypes, but then when you start exploring the character, you go into their nooks and crannies." The character of Diane, a smart outcast with glasses and a green jacket, is also clearly modelled on Daria, to the extent of Sarah-Lynn flagging it up by asking if she's "Asian Daria".
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