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DFA "Booties" Pewter Pin

The Daria Fanworks Awards, popularly known as the Booties, are virtual awards for written and visual works. Awarded annually by members of the community, they recognize excellence in many aspects of fan fiction and fan art.


The awards were originally created in 2004. Former community member Dr Mike was in charge of the first awards. The ballot consisted of a registered poll hosted on his website. From 2005 on, Richard Lobinske, Quiverwing and Mr Orange have been responsible for the organization of the awards.


FanWorks posted to one of the fan websites or other archive site like FanFiction.net during the year will be eligible.


Members of the community may make as many nominations per category as they choose. However, a maximum of ten nominations per category will go forward to voting. Recommended works will go into the final list in order of the number of nominations that each work received during the nomination process. In the event of ties that would result in more than ten per category, the DFA staff will vote internally to decide the final entries. For written works, RLobinske (an author) will not be involved in the internal vote. For visual works, Quiverwing (an artist) will not be involved in the internal vote.

Self-nominations are not accepted. Incomplete works or works posted only bulletin boards will not be eligible. Author name and full title of story/art and a link to the posted work are required with nominations. For fanfiction series, memebers have to select a representative story of that series for each category, except in the Favourite Ongoing and New Series categories.

Nominations that do not have all requested information included will not be considered. If less than three nominations, a category will be consolidated into a similar category or not considered..

Nominations are accepted throughout the year until a date determined on early January of the following year. Final list of nominations will be ready by mid January.


Voting will run between the posting of final nominations and January 31. Voting for written work will be separate from visual works.

Voting is by email attachment. Votes are saved as a .txt file and sent as an attachment to each of the DFA staff. To help maintain confidentiality of voting, members don't include identifying material in the .txt files. Three people receiving votes allows cross-checking for errors or discrepancies. The DFA staff is not eligible to vote.

Award categories

Written works

  • Favorite Overall
  • Favorite Comedy
  • Favorite Drama
  • Favorite Dramatic Comedy
  • Favorite Melodrama
  • Favorite Romance – Straight
  • Favorite Romance – Gay/Lesbian
  • Favorite School-Centered (Lawndale High)
  • Favorite Jane Story
  • Favorite Helen Story
  • Favorite Jake Story
  • Favorite Quinn Story
  • Favorite Use of a Background Character From the Television Series
  • Favorite Pre-Esteemsters
  • Favorite Post-Is It College Yet?
  • Favorite Character Development/Redevelopment/Growth
  • Favorite Alternate History
  • Favorite Crossover
  • Favorite Movie Parody
  • Favorite Science Fiction
  • Favorite Supernatural or Fantasy Horror
  • Favorite Supernatural or Fantasy Non-Horror
  • Favorite Erotica – Straight
  • Favorite Erotica – Gay/Lesbian
  • Favorite Weird Idea
  • Favorite Ongoing Series (must have at least one new story during the year)
  • Favorite New Series
  • Favorite Holiday Story
  • Favorite New Author
  • Favorite Non Fiction Essay

Visual works

  • Favorite Overall
  • Favorite Original
  • Favorite Comedy
  • Favorite Alter Ego/Crossover
  • Favorite Single or Multi-Panel Comic
  • Favorite Erotic
  • Favorite Visual Inspired by the Television Series or Official Books
  • Favorite Visual Inspired by a Fan Written Work
  • Favorite Holiday Visual
  • Favorite Image Manipulation
  • Favorite Digital (completely computer generated)
  • Favorite Traditional (pencil, ink, paint with no computer manipulation)
  • Favorite Mixed Media (multiple artistic media used. Includes computer manipulated traditional)
  • Favorite New Artist

Retired awards

  • Favourite Movie Rip Off Work
  • Favourite Slash

List of Daria Fanworks Awards