Daria Von Doom

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Daria Von Doom by RLobinske.

An alternate-universe character in the Daria Von Doom Series by Richard Lobinske that postulates that Daria's actual father (by in vitro fertilization) is Victor Von Doom, the infamous Doctor Doom of the Marvel Universe. (This makes the series a crossover as well.) During the summer between her junior and senior years of high school, Daria accepts an invitation to study in Latveria, where she learns her true heritage and becomes Doctor Doom's heir.

By the end of "Is It Doom Yet?", Doctor Doom has successfully traveled to Hell and left Daria as Queen of Latveria. In that role, she displays a mixture of her old sarcasm mixed with Doctor Doom's lessons on authoritarian leadership, tempered by her underlying sense of ethics and morality. Janos Budjovic, the butler for Castle Doom, serves Daria in the same capacity as her father, and eventually becomes a vital, if unofficial, advisor and confidant.

After the events of "Daria R", she marries Franklin Richards and they have a daughter named Jane Valeria. Also during "Daria R", Daria learns of her father's backup plan and that she and Quinn are actually full sisters. Quinn discovers the truth when Mephisto reveals it to her during "Succession Crisis".