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Daria the Movie is a full-length screenplay written by Aaron Solomon (ben Saul Joseph) Adelman and Barry Eshkol Adelman in fall of 1999. It was preceded by The Unofficial Daria Movie Rumor Page, which began as early as August 1998.


The authors posed the question: What would happen if Hollywood's most hated director met MTV's best cartoon? The answer was a live-action Daria movie directed by Joel Schumacher, in which many liberties were taken.


Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

Daria Morgendorffer, the only child of Amy Barksdale-Morgendorffer and Keith Morgendorffer, lives a normal existence in Highland, Texas... until learning that her parents have died from falling on a cow during a sky dive. Daria is then sent to live with her cousin, Lynn Quinn Michaelis, and her aunt and uncle, Helen and Jake Michaelis in Lawndale.

From there, the movie loosely follows several episodes from Seasons One and Two of the television series, including "Esteemsters," "The Invitation," "The Lab Brat," and "Road Worrier."


  • Daria Morgendorffer = Jennifer Love-Hewitt
  • Lynn Quinn Michaelis = Keri Russell
  • Helen Michaelis = Gates McFadden
  • Jake Michaelis = John Travolta
  • Amy Barksdale-Morgendorffer = Janeane Garofalo
  • Jane Lane = Christina Ricci
  • Trent Lane = Jakob Dylan
  • Jesse Moreno = Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Andrea Flynn = Rose McGowan
  • Sandi Griffin = Denise Richards
  • Tiffany Blum-Deckler = Alyson Hannigan
  • Stacy Rowe = Reese Whitherspoon
  • Ted DeWitt-Clinton = Taylor Hanson


Daria the Movie was a strong influence on Kara Wild's Abruptly Amy fanfiction series.

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