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Daria fanfic author, no longer active in the fandom. He created The Daria-Jane Conspiracy supersite.

Biographical Information

Dr. Mike currently resides in Charlotte, NC. He holds a number of advanced degrees in technical fields but is very annoyed that he has never been in a position to actually use them. He currently is a minority owner of a private internet hosting and consulting firm while finds the time to work with a number of local churches and organizations that support the local area homeless. He is a multiple cancer, heart attack and stroke survivor.

Fanon and Fan Culture Contributions

Dr. Mike was the creator and webhost of The Daria-Jane Conspiracy, a supersite that contained a large collection of fan works, both written and visual.

Dr. Mike also created the character, Quinnette, within his works. She is described as having the body and hair of Quinn, Jane's face, and Daria's glasses. She's normally dressed in a tan t-shirt with a picture of Albert Einstein on the front and camouflage cargo pants. She made her first appearance in Dr. Mike's work, Third Time's the Charm, with a follow up in Cynix Hood.

Bibliography of Major Works

Daria Fanworks Awards

1st Daria Fanworks Awards

  • Favourite Movie Rip Off Work (tie) for Cynic Hood


1st CRAPPIES Awards

  • The Ultimate in CRAPPIE Crap/ Fanfic Most Likely to Make You Run Off Screaming Into the Night for Daria's New Car

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