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E. A. Smith is a fanfic author and moderator at the PPMB.

Biographical Information

Born and raised in Athens, GA, E(ric) A(dam) Smith earned a BS in Physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and an MS (and ABD) in Astrophysics from Vanderbilt University. He currently teaches Astronomy at Georgia Perimeter College, a unit of the University System of Georgia located in Atlanta.

Writing History

E. A. Smith began writing fiction shortly after learning to read at the age of three, and began to take his writing seriously at the age of 17, writing his first novella. An attempt at a novel soon followed, along with several shorter works, and he has many story ideas left to pursue. An idea for a Daria college-era fanfic series formed shortly after he discovered Daria fanfic in early 2002, but he did not begin act on these ideas until January of 2005, when he wrote The Love's Labours Trilogy, a series of three interconnected short stories that took some of his older fanfic ideas and spun them in a new direction. Seven Days, Nowhere Man, and The Tempest (a direct sequel to the original trilogy) followed in the next few months. After this, Smith's output slowed considerably, and he produced only two fics between October 2005 and March 2007 -- So Long As Men Can Breathe, another college-era work, and Good Intentions, Smith's only fully canon fic. Smith plans no more fics for the immediate future, but has several ideas in various stages of development, to be fleshed-out when inspiration strikes.

Because of his interest, both academic and personal, in the art and craft of writing fiction, E. A. Smith conducted a series of interviews with various fanfic authors concerning their best and most popular works, using questions of both his own devising and those submitted by fellow fans. These interviews can be found at The Contrarian's Corner and Glitter Berries.

Fanon and Fan Culture Contributions

Bibliography of Major Works

College-era Fics:

Other Fics:

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