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An alternate-universe fic by Ostragoth, Estrangsters tells the story of Daria and Quinn arriving in Lawndale and everything seeming to go as in the pilot 'Daria' episode 'Esteemsters' - but with the twist that, because of the uranium in the water back in Highland, Texas, Daria has a genetically enhanced intellect (listed as a 289 I.Q. upon last testing) and both Morgendorfer sisters have metahuman mental powers (Quinn can control other people, while Daria can mentally control insects and Quinn's body, as well as project a mental energy pulse that causes the victim's brain to explode.

In later chapters of the fic, Daria and Quinn are among several Lawndale residents captured by the Slaver Mantoids.

In a very closely-related alternate universe, the two are captured and brought aboard the Mantoid's orbital platform - The Habitat - instead of simply being held aboard a spacecraft. The events of this AU are further chronicled in Behind Enemy Lines.

Tied winner of "Favorite Alternate" Story in the 1st Daria Fanworks Awards

"Estrangsters on SFMB

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