Evil Daria Vignettes

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A Round Robin created by NightGoblyn.

Its universe is Daria-357. The first entry in this PPMB thread was made at 3:57 pm, on September 27, 2007.

As stated by NightGoblyn in the PPMB thread itself in describing this universe and the rather convoluted nature of the thread, "If this is a round robin, it's a loose one. It seems to be (mostly) little bits and pieces of a greater story rather than the woven tapestry of a lengthy narrative. Now, my observations on what's been written here so far, as specifically regards the scenes that can be considered D-357 (D-357 :D ), is that this seems to be set early-to-mid S3. We've referenced S1 and S2 eps, and Daria already has her contacts - which definately puts it post Through A Lens Darkly. Nobody has made any kind of Tom references yet, so that puts it pre-Jane's Addition."


Daria Viginettes can be found: