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===Chat room===
===Chat room===
{{quote|Why cant Jane do something weird, like turn everything around and be gay or something}}
After the premiere, "Daria", "Jane", "Quinn", "Tom" and "Trent" answered fans' questions in an MTV online chat (see External Links). According to Jane, she and Daria weren't invited to the film's premiere party.
{{quote|I don't think I can do something weirder than the question you just asked.|Jane}}
Trent seems stunned to learn Daria once had a crush on him ("whoa!")...
After the premiere, "Daria", "Jane", "Quinn", "Tom" and "Trent" answered fans' questions in [http://web.archive.org/web/20001209144400/http://www.mtv.com:80/mtv/tubescan/animation/daria/daria_chat_transcript.html an MTV online chat] and trashtalked some ("You obviously wear clogs with socks!"). Questions answered and statements made included:
* Daria and Jane weren't invited to the film's premiere party.
* If a man asks Daria if she's a lesbian, she replies "I don't know. Give me a big kiss, and we'll find out."
* In Mystik Spiral plans, Trent intends to direct the next music video himself and a CD is in the works: "it is a 15 track cd and we only have 14 left to go"
* Trent's ideal girl: "Um, she's got a job"
* In a reference to [[Lane Miserables]], he says living in the tent "wasn't bad once I learned to open the flap for air"
* Daria admits to finding Tom sexy "in a "don't come near me, I'm not ready yet" sort of way" and admits she's trying to get him to stop wearing cargo pants. ("Hey, you said you liked those!!") When asked if she will ever have sex, Daria responds: "I'm planning to live into my 80's so, god, I hope so."
* Tom gets his clothes from a thrift store.
* Daria knows about comedian [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Janeane_Garofalo Janeane Garofalo] ("the woman who's been stealing my act")
* Quinn watches Sailor Moon and Powerpuff Girls, preferring the look of the latter
* Upchuck wasn't in the film as he'd gone to "a camp for the Gifted and Obnoxious" ("mtvjane:Well, they got it half right")
* Jane prefers Van Gogh to Renoir, and uses "oil for passion, acrylic for intellect"
* In meta statements, Daria says they wear the same clothes as it's "Easier on the artists", Quinn states Sandi is a bitch "to make me look nice", and there's a jab at the budget ("what do you mean, animated?")
* Whoever was doing the chat knew who [[Andrea]] was
* Trent says he's not crushing on Daria and is stunned to learn fans want to pair them up ("whoa!").
* And:
''05:49:49 PM> MODMSG emn0707:tom- who is a better kisser, jane or daria?''<br>
''05:49:58 PM> mtvtom:I have no memory of ever kissing Jane.''<br>
''05:50:01 PM> mtvdaria:That's right, you don't''.<br>
''05:50:08 PM> mtvjane:Tom who?''
{{quote|wickedsigh:omg you guys.. can you atleast say hi to me ... so I can leave happy?}}<br><br><br>

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