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Is It Fall Yet? is the first Daria TV movie. It was first aired on August 27, 2000.

Is It Fall Yet? was written by Glenn Eichler and Peggy Nicoll. It is often abbreviation on message boards as IIFY?

The movie covers events during the summer between Daria Morgendorffer's junior and senior years of high school, after the episode "Dye! Dye! My Darling" and before "Fizz Ed."

Note: when shown later in the United States on the network known as The N, it appeared in an edited form.


This episode, roughly equivalent to 3 "normal" episodes, represents a major test of Daria's and Jane's friendship. This follows Tom Sloane's pulling the "friend switch," having been Jane's boyfriend before going out with Daria.

The episode finds Jane going to Ashfield, an artists' colony with college students, where both her commitment to her ideals and her perception of herself are tested.

Daria, by contrast, is forced to volunteer at the Okay To Cry Corral, a camp for troubled youth, run by Timothy O'Neill, with the less-than-able assistance of the also-troubled "Uncle" Anthony DeMartino. There she meets Link, an anti-social child who Daria attempts to help. At the same time, she begins her relationship with Tom and has difficulty dealing with his family and affluent lifestyle.

Quinn, upset with her performance on a standardized test, takes the shocking step of trying to improve her test scores by hiring a tutor, David Sorenson. At first, she blows off David's efforts, but when he threatens to leave, she starts to take it seriously. However, as Quinn improves in her studies, she has a stunning epiphany regarding herself and her tutor.

Other sub-plots include Mack working in an Ice Cream Truck and trying to find time to be with Jodie, Kevin and Brittany working as lifeguards, and Jake attempting (and often failing) to determine the difference between a joke and a serious statement.

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