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Lawndale High is a fictional location that featured regularly in MTV's animated series Daria.

Establishing shot of Lawndale High School, in a scene from Is It Fall Yet?.

The high school, located in the fictional town of Lawndale, was the learning/teaching place for most of the show's primary characters, and the setting of many stories. Not much information was ever given on the series about the history or educational program of the school, but it is certain that the subjects English, History, Art, Science, Physical Education and Economics were taught there, as well as a special Self Esteem class for sufferers of a lack thereof.



The following list only includes students of Lawndale High that were seen or referrenced in any significant way during the show. It is assumed that hundreds of other students attended and theoretically still attend the school (assuming that Lawndale High as a fictional location exists still in the fictional world established by the series), but only a limited number of students are widely known about.

*Were never given surnames on the series.
**Were already ex-students of Lawndale High by the beginning of the series.
***Were never given first names on the series.


There is an actual school in California, USA called Lawndale High School. No deliberate resemblance is evident.

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