Lawndale High School cheerleaders

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Nicky, Angie, Lisa, Brittany, and Unidentified Girl 1 discuss things, while Unidentified Girl 2 doesn't care (from "Daria Dance Party")

The cheerleading squad of Lawndale High is composed of at least six members:

  • Brittany Taylor;
  • Angie (the one with long blond platinum hair);
  • Lisa (the one with straight and long dark brown hair);
  • Nicky or Nikki (the one with dark brown hair with a top ponytail);
  • two unidentified girls (both with bob-cut hair: one with dark red hair curling in, the other with light brown curling out).

Other cheerleaders are occasionally seen, notably a dark-skinned girl (African-American?) in "Murder, She Snored" and "A Tree Grows in Lawndale". An unnamed black-haired cheerleader is harrassed by Upchuck in "The Daria Diaries" and gives him a smack.

Though Brittany Taylor usually appears in the episodes, the remaining cheerleaders seldom do. The cheerleader squad, as a team, appears in:

All four of the named cheerleaders went to Great Prairie State University, the only college that would accept any of them.

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