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Welcome to, the Daria wiki.

This site is dedicated to the Daria fandom, and all fan works from the beginning, and especially those since the end of the original series run on MTV. For episode guides, show history, and other true canon information, refer to the Wikipedia articles linked throughout the site.

New Users: Anyone who is working with a Wiki for the first time should review the How To: Edit a Wiki page at Wikipedia. We use the same system here. Please, see also Manual of Style.


  • The Main Page has been cleaned up, with the extraneous chit-chat moved to its talk page.
  • The meta-categories are now up and finalized, all categories should be subcategories one of these four, or of another that is a subcategory of these four.
    • Every article should be included in at least one category as well. All templates should be part of the Templates category.
  • A section has been created for A.U. versions of canon characters. It is right now set-up as a sub-category of the Fanfiction Characters & Canon Characters categories. If you believe it should be listed as a main category, the name should be changed, or anything at all, feel free to discuss it.
  • Consult the User's Guide for help on getting started with a wiki.

Category Trees

Category Trees
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