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One-time Lawndale High classmate of Trent Lane and his sometime girlfriend in the Daria series. Monique and Trent meet and apparently reconnect in "Pierce Me," and she reappears for a date with Trent in "Lane Miserables." In the latter episode, it is noted that their relationship is a rocky one.

Monique in Daria Fanfic

Though in her two appearances on the show Monique is shown as sweet natured and friendly, oblivious to Daria's discomfort at her presence around Trent, fanfics often present her as vicious and vengeful, jealous of Daria's presence and enraged if Trent begins to regard Daria as his new love interest. Daria/Trent shipper stories are, of course, especially prone to this. Diane Long produced a remarkably evil Monique in "Undone," for example. More recent authors like Richard Lobinske ("Monique's Subtraction" and the John Lane series) and The Angst Guy ("A Knight to Remember" and "Smoking Mirror") have shown her in a far more sympathetic light, without Daria's perception of Monique as a competitor for Trent's affections.

Fairly typical depictions of Monique in Daria fanfiction include the following.

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