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A relatively new author in the Daria fanfiction community. NightGoblyn has been diagnosed with "Writer's Sphere" - an acute malady that causes him to keep any where from two to four storylines active at a time. So far, most people seem to be willing to pat him on the head and wait for him to grow out of the condition. NightGoblyn secretly harbors a desire to achieve the rank of Angst Lord, and is a self-confessed TAG fanboy.

In addition to serial stories, NightGoblyn occasionally works on one-shots that he refers to as 'Tales of the Irony Maiden.' The title preface being a tongue-in-cheek reference to the 'Tales of the Dark Knight' one-off storys about Batman by DC Comics.

NightGoblyn's works can be found at his Library, and are linked from the PPMB, and occasionally the SFMB.

Current Projects

The Heather/Damsel Chronicles - The misadventures of Daria and Jane's twin daughters at Lawndale High School in the year 2020.

TotIM: Fimbul - A post-apocalyptic story focusing mostly on Jane.

TotIM: Swan Song - The last ditch effort of the final free human to stop the subjugation of her species before it can even begin.

TotIM: The Walls of Jericho - Lonely and friendless, Jane Lane's life becomes much more complex when she begins trying to uncover the identity of a mysterious late-night pirate radio host.

Lawndale's Finest: The Last Daughter of Krypton - A retelling of the teenage years of the last scion of the House of El as she comes to terms with her life and powers in Lawndale, New York.

Cynic in the Dark - Daria Morgendorffer and her troubled sister Quinn move to Lawndale, California in the wake of their parents' divorce. There they find a great evil, patiently waiting its chance to destroy the world as we know it.