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The usual hilarity ensues.
The usual hilarity ensues.
[[Adam]] is briefly mentioned as one of [[Quinn Morgendorffer|Quinn's]] dates.
==“Pierce Me” and Fanfic==
==“Pierce Me” and Fanfic==

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Pierce Me
Production Number 212
Original Airdate July 27, 1998
Special Guest Voices
Written By Neena Beber
Directed By Tony Kluck

“Pierce Me” was the twelfth episode of the second season of Daria.


This episode highlighted Daria's attraction to Trent. Trent persuades Daria to help find a birthday present for Jane (it doesn't take much). "I'll pick you up tomorrow," Trent tells her. "Early. Or late. I don't know. Actually let's just leave it loose." Largely due to Trent's random thought processes, Daria ends up getting her navel pierced at Axl's Piercing Parlor, largely it seems to impress Trent.

The usual hilarity ensues.

Adam is briefly mentioned as one of Quinn's dates.

“Pierce Me” and Fanfic

The obvious crush Daria has on Trent was at the forefront in this episode and subsequently helped fuel the shipper movement in early fanfic.

Alternate Universe Versions of “Pierce Me”

In the John Lane story Ring of Champions, Daria goes with Trent to get a present for John, and gets the piercing for him. Because of the the different situation and motivations, she keeps the piercing.

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On “Pierce Me” the Episode

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