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Quiverwing in animated style...on the days she feels like wearing glasses instead of contacts.

Quiverwing is an artist, occasional author and co-administrator of the Paperpusher's Message Board.

Biographical Information

Quiverwing is currently pursuing a degree in economics and resides in her native Argentina. She is notably private about her life.

Fandom History

An avid Daria watcher since the initial airings on MTV, Quiverwing discovered Daria fandom in the year 2000. However, she would not become an active member until 2004, when MartinUK encouraged her to join.

Paperpusher's Message Board

In 2005, Kara Wild appointed Quiverwing as a full moderator for the PPMB, as well as a special moderator for the Other Languages forum.

When Wild stepped down from active moderating of the PPMB in August, 2007, she appointed Quiverwing as a permanent administrator in her stead.

In September 2009, Quiverwing created the In the Spotlight feature, a series of threads allowing forum members to learn more about each other via interview-like questions.

Fan Art

A cartoon illustrator since childhood, Quiverwing’s first excursion into Daria fanart was for the All My Children series by Deref and Thea Zara. Her preference for canon-style presented her with a challenge: to make the characters look younger, but recognisable enough to maintain their canon appearances.

University commitments and lack of inspiration kept Quiverwing away from drawing until early 2010.


Apart from her duties on the PPMB, Quiverwing is a contributor to the Daria Fandom Blog II, Lawndale Online, Daria Blandom Blog, and a sysop on the Daria Wiki.

Fandom Awards

Quiverwing, along with Richard Lobinske and Mr Orange, has been a part of the Daria Fanworks Awards staff since 2005. In addition, she oversaw the 2005 Crappies, with Lobinske and Wild.

Fan Fiction Cameos/Tuckerizations

Quiverwing had cameo appearances or tuckerizations with her screenname, real name, or variants of them, in:

She also participated as a contestant in Celebrity Jeopardy: Daria Edition in early 2006.


Daria Fanworks Awards

2nd Daria Fanworks Awards

  • Favorite Overall Visual for Ice and Fire
  • Favorite Comedy Visual (tie) for Ice and Fire
  • Favorite Traditional Visual (tie) for Ice and Fire

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