Ruthless Bunny

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Ruthless Bunny is perhaps a long-forgotten figure in Daria Fandom. She was noted for extensive, sometimes novel-length fan fictions, mostly "shippers" and a willingness to stir up the volatile fan base, both on the Paperpusher's Message Board as well as in the #Daria+ IRC chat room.

Ruthless Bunny began her foray into fandom gently, but became opinionated and was perceived as mean by those who might have felt the stings of her pointed criticism of certain fans. Her occasional impatience with the juvenile attitudes of some of the fans finally lead her to leave the fandom. She lurks, mostly because of her husband CINCGREEN's continuing interest in the fandom. With CINCGREEN, she holds occasional Dariacons in their home in Atlanta and has hosted various Daria fans as house guests through out the years.