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Ruthless Bunny is perhaps a long-forgotten figure in Daria Fandom. She was noted for extensive, sometimes novel-length fan fictions, mostly "shippers" and a willingness to stir up the volatile fan base, both on the Paperpusher's Message Board as well as in the #Daria+ IRC chat room.

Biographical Information

Ruthless Bunny first noticed Daria when it was brought to her attention by her sister, who said, "Hey, there's this new show on MTV and it's about YOU!" After watching a few episodes, she noticed parallels between characters in Daria and associates in the office culture in which she worked. She began lurking and posting on Daria message boards and began creating fan fiction.

Ruthless Bunny began her foray into fandom gently, but became opinionated and was perceived as mean by those who might have felt the stings of her pointed criticism of certain fans. Her occasional impatience with the juvenile attitudes of some of the fans finally lead her to leave the fandom. She lurks, mostly because of her husband CINCGREEN's continuing interest in the fandom. With CINCGREEN, she holds occasional Dariacons in their home in Atlanta and has hosted various Daria fans as house guests through out the years.

Fan works

  • Bed and Breakfast Man. A novel-length work of what happens when Trent moves in with Daria, now a student at Raft College. One of the earliest works of the "Daria in College" genre of fanfiction, this series has received considerable acclaim among Daria fans for its unique take on the post-high school lives of various characters (e.g., Stacy, Kevin), its colorful character interactions, and its scope. The Daria/Trent pairing is given depth, reason, and a realistic time to develop.
  • In the Moonlight. Six romantic stories dealing with a relationship between Daria and Trent as they get older.
  • Daria's Wedding. First fan fiction. Daria returns from San Francisco to Lawndale to marry her fiance Brian.
  • Jane Lane's Diary. A sequel of sorts for Daria's Wedding. A year in the life of Jane Lane, Manager of Mystik Spiral.
  • She also authored many stories for the Daria porn site Lawndale After Dark, one under her own name, which caused some controversy at the site Outpost Daria.

Daria Fanworks Awards

2nd Daria Fanworks Awards

  • Favourite Ongoing Story for Bed and Breakfast Man

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