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Science fiction is imaginative writing about the consequences of advancements in science and technology. Science fiction differs from fantasy in that whatever happens in science fiction is expected to be possible within the laws of nature, as understood today or as might be understood in the future. What happens in fantasy is assumed to be impossible under any circumstances (Clarke's Third Law aside). Speculations about exotic discoveries like teleportation, faster-than-light spacecraft, and time travel are included, as many elements of the modern world (e.g., computers, spacecraft, vaccines, nuclear power) were also once thought impossible.

Science Fiction in Daria Canon

Science fiction was only lightly touched on in the Daria series, through Artie's fantastic tales of being kidnapped by aliens and the unfortunate appearance of Daria and Jane as alien sex goddesses on TV. "The Lawndale File" parodied The X-Files series and other SF stories, but presented nothing of a true SF nature. The UFO convention in "Esteemsters" used its SF elements to humorous effect.

Controversial episodes that many fans consider to be fanciful, such as "Depth Takes a Holiday" and "Daria!," are here considered to be fantasy. Some fanfics spun off from those episodes, however, qualify as science fiction.

Science Fiction in Daria Fanfiction

Like fantasy writing, science-fiction works are usually sorted into broad subgenres like cyberpunk and alternate history. Daria SF has certain subgenres that appear frequently, while some subgenres of mainstream SF are almost never seen (e.g., steampunk, space opera). The better-known types of Daria SF are named below, with examples of each. Crossovers are included under the appropriate heading. Note that a story can fall into multiple subgenres, depending on its content.

Alien Contact SF

The core of the tale is the interaction between humans (one or more of the Daria cast) and creatures or intelligent beings from other worlds. Alien invasion stories fall under this group.


Trent Lane of the rock band Teutonic Spiral

Alternate History SF

It is explained in the section on alternate universes that most AU Daria tales revolve around twists in the personal histories of the series cast, not the larger history of the world itself. Fanfics covering greater historical change are included here as SF.


Apocalyptic SF

Disaster on an epic scale strikes the world, and civilization crumbles before it.


Comedy SF

SF cliches have been effectively parodied in Daria fanfic.


Cyberpunk SF

Cyberpunk is very rarely seen in this fandom, which is odd since the Internet and cutting-edge technology are behind-the-scenes features of Daria.


The Tombot

Mecha SF

So far, all military-oriented SF Daria stories featuring giant battle robots (mecha, in Japanese anime lingo) are crossovers, some also being complete reinventions.


Social SF

The "soft" sciences of psychology, sociology, and political theory seem like they would be reasonably appropriate to Daria, and a few stories in this vein have appeared.


Jodie on the moon

Space Exploration

Daria was not an SF series, and space exploration is a hard-core SF theme, so it stands to reason that there won't be many fanfics about going to the moon. There are a few, however.


Space Opera

The collision of fleets of war spacecraft, the rise and fall of space empires, the epic tales of derring-do that span the universe, these are the elements of space opera. Daria, predictably, has very little of it except in crossovers. A number of Star Wars parodies and spin-offs have been done here.


Stacy Rowe of the Fashionable Four

Superhero SF

Caped crimefighters and criminals are well covered elsewhere in DariaWiki. Though nearly all superhero fanfics in Daria fandom are crossovers, no two are remotely alike.


Time Travel SF

Whether into the past or into the future, time travel presents special opportunities and dangers. Doctor Who crossovers are not uncommon, though not all deal with time travel alone.