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== Finished Works ==
''[[Lawndale’sLawndale's Finest]]: [[The Last Daughter of Krypton]]'' - Even the Earth's mightiest heroes had to grow up, and life as a teenager is hard enough without super powers, strange allergies, and mysterious enemies. At age sixteen, the Girl of Tomorrow learns of her unearthly heritage and must come to terms with her true past while juggling loyalties both new and old.
''[[Lawndale's Finest]]: The Dark Knight'' - The mysterious Daria Morgendorffer returns from abroad and tries to reconnect with her aunt and little sister, neither of whom have seen her in many years. Meanwhile, the situation in Lawndale and nearby Gotham City continues to get stranger as even more people don masks and costumes to prowl the night. Most are criminals, but one is the terrifying new defender of the innocent . . . the Batgirl!
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