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Stacy Rowe is an animated fictional character who featured regularly on MTV's spinoff series Daria (1997-2002).

Stacy Rowe, in a scene from Is It Fall Yet?.


Stacy Rowe was a freshman (later sophomore and junior) at Lawndale High, and secretary of the Fashion Club; a quartet of fashion-obsessed, snobby teenage girls who held regular meetings to discuss various facets of the fashion world and, in their own words, "solve crimes against fashion".

Stacy was the doormat of the Fashion Club and often was humiliated and verbally abused by Club President Sandi Griffin. It's also implied that Stacy, who had low self-esteem, received similar treatment from her mother in terms of raising her daughter in a very calculatingly, emotionally abusive fashion. As such, Stacy is constantly insecure to the point of neurosis and would burst into panic attacks when bad things happened to her.

Stacy constantly sought the attention and approval of fellow Fashion Club member Quinn Morgendorffer and would often side with Quinn when her friend butted heads with Sandi Griffin before getting bullied into taking Sandi's side.

During season five of Daria, several episodes spotlighted Stacy: she was the only member of the Fashion Club to be drawn favorably in a group caricature portrait; she was Charles "Upchuck" Ruttheimer III's assistant in a magic act; and she snapped at Tiffany Blum-Deckler over her stupidity when the two were left to run the Fashion Club all by themselves.

In the second movie Is It College Yet?, Stacy wished that Sandi would stop talking at her birthday. Sandi then came down with laringytis and Stacy believed it was her fault. Even though it was proved that it wasn't Stacy's fault, Sandi tried to get her to do a list of "chores" as an apology. Stacy refused and decided to take a sabbatical from the Fashion Club.

Fan Response

Out of the members of the Fashion Club, Stacy quickly became a fan favorite of many fans of the series. Indeed, in spite of receiving little attention during the course of the series, many fans have devoted time and energy on fan fiction regarding Stacy and her struggles fitting in with the Fashion Club and her struggle to fit in and stand up for herself.


  • Stacy's last name was never revealed in the series. Its release was unofficial, and occurred on one of MTV's Daria sites. Despite this, it is regarded widely as Stacy's correct surname. However, in an interview with writer Anne D. Bernstein it was confirmed that Stacy's last name is, in fact, canon.
  • Stacy is voiced by actor Sarah Drew, who was originally only supposed to give a one-time voice-over for the show. Impressed, the casting directors offered her the role of Stacy.

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