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Starmeshelion is a notorious figure on the PPMB. He is well-known for his interest in the character Stacy Rowe, which some consider to border on the obsessive or worse.

Starmeshelion also seems to have an obsession for dictating how the character of Stacy should and should not be portrayed in fan fiction. This obsession has not been well received by some other PPMB denizens, most notably in the group of authors known as Angst Lords. (It should be noted though that his contentions pertain to canon, and not to angst as an all-inclusive genre.) He defines his views of the Daria characters as being "humanistic to the extreme", and believes that all characters should be treated exactly like real people, especially Stacy. These views are very much related to his general opinion regarding canon, although he considers Stacy's surname appearance in James Joyce's Ulysses as part of the canon, as well.

Starmeshelion also has a tendency to mention Stacy off-topic very often, and defend her no matter what the subject or who the person arguing with him is.

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