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Tafka the Dragon (also known as Flooyboo) is a one of the most colorful and longest sustaining member of the Daria Community. She is notoriously abrasive and

Contributions to Fandom

An artist, a writer and a general LOUD voice, Tafka has had her hands in a lot of a places in fandom since the show began...

Cynic Magazine

The first issue of Cynic came out in October 2000. Still the only Daria Fanzine, it had an extremely small but loyal readership. It is suspected that virtual copies got passed about the place because the mailing list was rather smaller compared to the amount of people who came up to Tafka & said "you write that?!"


Tafka hosted the original OzDariaCon in JAnuary of 2001, held in Brisbane, QLD. Attended by Lew Richardson (writer of Heroes , Caira (calling hi,self Rancour in those days, and webmaster of the Daria Fan Quotefest , and jewli of the small j. Geoff Roberts designed the website. It was officially held for the weekend of the 20th/21st January, although most guests arrived on the 19th. The event is particularly notable as the first official meeting of Lew & Taf, who by then had been dating for two months. There have been numerous ODCs held since, the most recent ODC to date being the wedding of Tafka and Lew on the 3rd of March 2007.

August 2003

Wrote Mental In The Morning , her proudest work.

Relationship with Fandom

On SFMB , Doggieboy writes, " " Over all this is a pretty accurate representation of Tafka's reputation among fellow fans.

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