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Ronin's alias of "Weenie Hut Jr." should be added. I've been trying to find an unedited, NC-17 version of "The Brain & The Beauty" which I believe is Ronin's true masterpiece, beyond anything that "Lawndale Marmelade" can offer. There are PG-13 versions on Outpost Daria and other places, but why drink vodka when you can have antifreeze?

I don't know when he used this alias. I believe if you go to Glitter Berries you'll find it somewhere on the updates page. CINCGREEN 13:58, 17 April 2008 (EDT)

I've never HEARD of 'The Brain & The Beauty'! Can someone e-mail me a copy? - Brother Grimace

  • Young padawan, there are copies of it on both "Outpost Daria" and "Glitter Berries". Unfortunately, they are only PG-13. I believe the heavier X-rated copy was at The Sh33p's Fluff, but Thea Zara deleted it and Ronin's true masterwork is lost to posterity. CINCGREEN 14:09, 17 April 2008 (EDT)