Unrequited Love

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This series of three very short ficlets was Angelinhel's first contributions to Daria fanfiction.

Each was a response to the old PPMB board Iron Chef issued by WacoKid, entitled "Unrequited Love". The challenge was to portray one Daria character's secret and unreturned love for another, excluding Trent/Daria and Quinn/David Sorenson. The three were then compiled as a collection.

The stories were noted for their ability to evoke a strong emotion with very few words and the fact romantic love was completely avoided.

Plot Summary

Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

Never Enough

Knowing her sister was leaving for college soon, Quinn regrets she and her sister had never grown close.

Love Lost

Jake's father "Mad Dog" Morgendorffer watches his son from Hell as Jake curses him- his punishment for being too harsh and distanced from his son during his life.


Feeling worthless, Stacy struggles with the fact the world seems to push her down no matter how hard she tries.

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