Wind Lane

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Wind Lane

Wind Lane is the second oldest child of Vincent and Amanda Lane, in his early thirties when the Daria series began. His siblings are Summer, Penny, Trent and Jane.

While he was a child Wind wanted to change his name to Ronald so his parents made up a story that when he was born they take him to the "naming gazebo to decide his.

Wind is neurotic and narcissistic, incapable of maintaining a close relationship for long, he was married three time, one of his divorced wife name was Claudia. he current wife is Katie, they got separated in "Lane Miserables" but manage to come back together only to separate again in "Art Burn", it's unknown what the current status of their relationship is now.

He is shown to be whiny and prone to return to the Lane family home in Lawndale with every personal upset.

He appears in "Lane Miserables" and "Art Burn".