Wouter Jaegers is an artist and fanfic writer.

Biographical InformationEdit

Wouter draws cartoon stories of Daria characters in an anime inflected style. He lives in the Netherlands.

Much of Wouter's work is characterized by often hilarious situations and clever punchlines.

A keen guitarist, Wouter plays in the Dutch metal band Slavantas and records reggae versions of well known songs under the Rasta Frank moniker.

Notable Fanon characters created by WouterEdit

- Suzanne Morgendorffer Daughter of Daria and Trent who appears in "Art-I-fact"

- Megan O'Neill Daughter of Ms. Barch and Mr. O'Neil, and Suzanne Morgendorffer's best friend.

- Bruce Farlaine Quinn's boyfriend in "Party at Lindy's", he appeared earlier as Quinn's future husband in "Art-I-Fact"

-Count Ickula The lead character in a one-off comic in which Daria tells a bed time story to Tad and Tricia Gupty about the tale of a Vampire who's into skin care.

Daria Fanworks AwardsEdit

1st Daria Fanworks Awards

  • Favourite Comic Visual for A Daria Halloween Tale
  • Favourite Erotic (tie) for All Natural Behaviour

3rd Daria Fanworks Awards

  • Favorite Erotic for Party at Lindy's

External LinksEdit

Wouter Jaegers's fanfic at Outpost Daria (via Wayback Machine)