"I Don't" the Aftermath

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"'I Don't' the Aftermath" is a ficlet originally written by Kara Wild in September 2001, but was not released until March 2006.


This ficlet was originally a cut flashback scene from Wild's Driven Wild Universe fanfic, "All But Forgotten." For a long while, it sat amongst the Driven Wild Universe Apocrypha. Wild finally determined that it was nearly complete enough to stand on its own, and wrote a couple of "present day" scenes to frame the flashback scene.


"'I Don't' the Aftermath" tells the story of what happened after Amy Barksdale and Daria Morgendorffer's brief scene in the bowling alley. After bonding over wrecking bowlers' games, they return to the wedding reception, where Amy runs into Helen.


  • While the framing puts this episode within the Driven Wild Universe, Wild likes to believe that what took place in the flashback portion was what really took place after the episode.
  • There is a possible discrepancy in the timeline regarding when Amy and Joel started their relationship. In None in the Family, Amy states that she dated Joel for over two years and was friends with him for a year beforehand. All But Forgotten takes place several months later, making it close to three years that Amy and Joel would have been together. If "I Don't" took place two years earlier, it is possible that Amy and Joel would have been dating on-and-off, but more likely that Joel would have been a serious boyfriend.

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