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A Stacy-centered ficlet written by Angelinhel in response to an Iron Chef issued by The Angst Guy: "Your challenge is to write a short fanfic telling what one or more of the major characters in Daria are doing today, September, 2004."

Plot Summary[edit]

Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

Stacy visits Sandi in the hospital, as she has once a week for the past three years. However this visit is special as Sandi is finally conscious, finally coming out of her coma.

Sandi reacts with horror when she discovers that the car accident that caused her coma has also taken Stacy's leg and the life of their friend, Quinn. The fourth member of the Fashion Club, Tiffany was not severely injured in the crash but has drifted away from her friendship with Stacy.

Horrified at Stacy's retelling of the accident, which reveals Quinn died as a result of not having her seat belt fastened before Sandi pulled out of the driveway, she sobs and blames herself.

To her shock, Stacy agrees with her, breaking down and laying three years of pain and blame at Sandi's feet. She takes a pillow she had embroidered during her lengthy rehabilitation and smothers Sandi, pressing the emergency call button and screaming for the nurses only after Sandi has flatlined.

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