A Day in the Life of Stacy

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A Day in the Life of Stacy was a December 1998 fanfic by Austin Covello, depicting exactly what it says.

This was a landmark fanfic for the fandom, presenting Stacy Rowe in a different light to how she was generally seen circa S1/2. As the synopsis says: "Stacy Rowe, Fashion Club secretary. Like her friends, she's brainless, clueless, helpless, and hopeless... or is she? As you'll find in this look at a day in her life, Stacy may really not be the person everyone thinks she is."

We learn Stacy is under severe pressure to remain popular, having had the importance of being 'listened to' drummed into her by her mother since an early age; she's hiding many of her real thoughts and desires, and hiding how well she's doing on her schoolwork.

This fanfic is the first known to ship Stacy with Ted DeWitt-Clinton, and the earliest to take the view that Daria Morgendorffer is actually popular in school but hasn't figured it out.

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