A Hard Days' Night

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A Daria fanfic by The Angst Guy that takes advantage of the various anomalies during the third season to create a science-fiction/fantasy tale. The story does not violate anything seen on the Daria show but offers explanations for peculiar events such as the singing and dancing during a hurricane in "Daria!" and the invasion of the Holiday Island teens during "Depth Takes a Holiday." The improbable exploits of the background character known as Shaggy are also addressed.

The narrator of "A Hard Days' Night" is J.B., a talking bulldog who is fond of quoting Benjamin Disraeli. J.B. works with genius inventor Andrew Landon and a squad of semi-genius teenage boys called the Irregulars, who do combat with aliens, paranormal forces, and mad scientists who threaten Lawndale and the Chesapeake Bay area. And this night, they're facing their greatest threat: the other Holidays that came to Lawndale, the bad kids that commemorate all the nastiest days in human history...

An interesting gadget known as a Nuke Box was introduced here.

Winner of "Favorite Dramatic Comedy" and "Favorite Science Fiction" story in the 4th Daria Fanworks Awards.

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