A Knight to Remember

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Xiangdong's Batmobile, from the Michael Keaton Batman movie

Shipper fanfic by The Angst Guy, pairing Monique with one of the staff at Buzzdome.com, Zhengdong, who owns one of the movie versions of the Batmobile. Zhengdong was shown considering the Batmobile purchase in the fifth-season episode, "Sappy Anniversary."

As the fic was written before the spelling of Zhengdong's name was stated by Anne D. Bernstein, the fic spells it "Xiangdong" (also a valid spelling).

The fanfic takes place in Spring 2000, shortly before the dotcom bubble (which Buzzdome.com was a parody of) burst. Zhengdong is aware something bad is coming for the industry but cannot get Noah Barkman to listen.

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A Knight to Remember