A Matter of Priorities

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The 50th story in the Falling Into College series by Richard Lobinske. The story occurs during mid-September 2001.


Daria, Michael Fulton, Jane, Mack, Karen Myerson, and Derek return to school after Amy's elaborate wedding, recounting their experiences at the reception, including Daria and Jane’s karaoke version of "Freakin’ Friends." In California, Fran meets Quinn at the airport and is impressed by the digital photos in Quinn’s camera. Helen and Jake talk about Amy’s twin stepdaughters, how much they remind them of Daria and Quinn, and how much they miss their children. The next afternoon at work, Daria gets a message from Marianne that Helen collapsed in court from a stroke and is at Cedars of Lawndale in Intensive Care. Quinn manages to book a flight to the next morning to arrive in the afternoon while Daria drives to Lawndale with Michael’s help. The news makes Jane and Karen think about their parents and to make calls to talk to them. Daria and Michael arrive at the hospital to find Tess and Rita already there with Jake with at the hospital. Rita is unable to reach Amy, who is on her honeymoon. Along with Jake, they spend the night alternating bedside time with Helen and think about their personal priorities. The story ends the next morning, on September 11th, only moments before dreadful news comes out of New York City.

Winner of "Favorite Helen" story in the 3rd Daria Fanworks Awards

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