A Very Amy Christmas

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A Very Amy Christmas is a fanfic written by Kara Wild in fall of 2000 under the pseudonym "Carrie D. Wildly." It is the ninth "episode" of the Abruptly Amy series (including the pilot) and the third written by Wild.


Amy is feeling bah-humbug about Christmas, until a "ghost" leads her on a journey to Christmas past. Meanwhile, relations between Kristovo and Rita continue to heat up.


  • The name of the episode came from the 1988 Brady Bunch special, A Very Brady Christmas.
  • The marshmallow man is an obvious reference to Ghostbusters, while Amy being stuffed inside him is an allusion to the Clayface episodes of Batman: The Animated Series.
  • Several past Abruptly Amy characters make cameos in this episode, including Corona, Chief Fowler, and Scruffy Joe.

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