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She's back and smarter than ever.

"Abduction" is an episode of Beavis and Butt-head which aired on Paramount+ on June 29, 2023 (paired with "Sleepover"). It is the first official speaking appearance of any version of Daria in any film or television project since Is It College Yet?, as well as the first time Tracy Grandstaff has officially voiced the character since 2010's Daria GPS Voice.


In the home universe of Smart Beavis and Smart Butt-head, two versions of the duo who have much more intelligence then the mainline versions of the duo but are still lacking IQ on the cosmic scale, the duo are sent to the council of Supreme Leaders of their universe. The council, which includes Smart Daria as well as Smart versions of Buzzcut, Todd, Principal McVicker, Van Driessen, Mrs. Stevenson and someone who resembles Neil deGrasse Tyson, charge them with crimes against their universe. They are found guilty of having padded their expense account with space nachos and intergalactic porn instead of traversing the multiverse:

  • Smart Judge: This tribunal finds you guilty.
  • Smart McVicker: Guilty.
  • Smart Buzzcut: Guilty!
  • Smart Daria: Guilty.
  • Smart Van Driessen: Guilty, mmm-kay?
  • Smart Todd: Thoroughly at odds with the deontological theory of law, as put forth by Smart Emmanuel Kant.
  • Smart Daria: Well put, Smart Todd.

Smart B&B insist that they've been monitoring a universe where a regular version of themselves grew to middle age, to which the Supreme Leaders scoff:

  • Smart Daria: I mean, come on, just listen to yourselves.

The Supreme Leaders eventually let Smart B&B off the hook (from a death sentence) as long as they perform a scientific experiment on an abducted human on Earth-1, the flagship universe of the series.

On Earth-1's Highland, the duo come upon a chili cookoff won by Mr. Anderson, who Smart B&B mistake for the king of his universe. The duo easily lure Anderson (who thinks he is joining the Elks Club) to their spaceship in order to anally probe him. After polite conversation, Smart Butt-head stuns Anderson (in the second try as it was initially aimed at Smart Beavis).

Ultimately, Smart B&B's anal probing machine is broken, and Anderson repairs it after recovering from the stun. After Anderson finishes, the duo attempt to memory wipe him, but instead wipe themselves. Smart Beavis then gets in the prober, which Smart Butt-head starts. Having had enough, Anderson leaves the spaceship before it leaves the planet.


  • "Smart" Daria? Really? (Based on Smart B&B's states, one could surmise the Smart Daria is one of the smartest persons in the canon multiverse.)
  • Smart Daria's character design is based heavily off of Daria, that series being the most prominent version of the character in the years since the original MTV run of B&B. Accordingly, Tracy Grandstaff voices the character similarly to how she had done it for five years.
  • This version of Daria is an outright authority figure, a rare position for canon Darias.

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