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Adam in his usual jacket.

Adam is a student in Daria's class at Lawndale High. His name can be seen on Timothy O'Neill's seating chart in "Cafe Disaffecto". He is a tall student and one of the few black teenagers at Lawndale High; he always wears a long light button-down jacket with rolled-up sleeves, usually amber in colour, and has cornrows with beads tied to the end.

Usually when seen, he's quite calm and passive, though (like any sensible student) he was bored stiff in O'Neill's class in "The F Word". Like many students, he wore school colours for Val's visit and had a blue version of his jacket. In "I Loathe a Parade", he was seen in the company of his classmate Jenna; they're likely friends, or may have been on a date.

He is mentioned in "Pierce Me" as someone who'd asked Quinn out on a date - Quinn says that she hopes a caller was not Adam because she was going to cancel with Adam to go out with Simon.

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