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First appearance Lane Miserables
Last appearance Lane Miserables
Voiced by ?
Episode count 1
Gender Male
Age ?
Occupation ?
Family Summer Lane (mother)
Courtney (sister)
Vincent Lane (grandfather)
Amanda Lane (grandmother)
Penny Lane (aunt)
Wind Lane (uncle)
Trent Lane (uncle) Jane Lane (aunt)
Significant other(s)

Adrian, Jane Lane's nephew.

Adrian is one of the four children of Summer Lane and is the nephew of both Jane and Trent Lane. Jane babysat some of Summer's children and this may have included Adrian.

Adrian is frequently seen with his sister, Courtney. It is not known if Adrian's last name is "Lane" or if he uses his father's name as his last name. Furthermore, it is not known where Adrian resides in the birth order of Summer's children, or if he's younger or older than Courtney; they seem to be close in age, possibly twins.

"The Teachings of Don Jake" reveal that Summer's children keep running away from her. When Summer's spoken or written, she seems more irritated than concerned about this.

In The Daria Diaries, two postcards from Adrian and Courtney can be found among the collection of postcards on several pages: one from Amish Country in Pennsylvania and one from the Petrified Forest, Arizona. The first included "If you hear from Mom, tell her to chill. We'll call her in a couple of weeks" and the second included: "We're saving up, and we'll probably be home for some holiday. Say hi to Mom."

Adrian and Courtney run off again in "Lane Miserables," heading for Casa Lane. Summer snaps at them both times she talks to them, including accusing them of "drag[ging] me to the last place on Earth I want to be".


He was named first in Diaries, then in "Lane Miserables"—both of these are written by Anne D. Bernstein, an example of non-televised canon seeping into the show.