Alfred Brian Chambers IV

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The former husband of Erin Danielson-Chambers, Alfred Brian Chambers IV is a fictional character in Brother Grimace's fanfiction It's All About Respect. Brian (he hates being called 'Alfred} is the oldest son in a wealthy Texas family, and a vice-president in the company business (a figurehead position created to keep him occupied and out of the way of the others).


A former college football star, Alfred was somehow recruited by the Domestic Operations Agency (not the Central Intelligence Agency, as he sometimes lied to people). He worked as a section chief in the Washington, D.C. headquarters as an intuitive cultural analysis specialist (the exact nature of his job remains unknown, except for duties which included a great deal of activity within the Washingon social/political scene); it was in this capacity that he met Erin Danielson-Chambers. They married just over a year later, even though Erin refused to sign a pre-nuptial agreement (later, it was found that the agreement was very carefully worded to afford Brian a full fifty percent of Erin's financial assets). Because of Brian's constant affairs and his callous nature as to what Erin's duties and position in their marriage should be, the marriage lasted just over four months.

A number of years later, Brian and Erin met once again when Erin contacted him and requested that he use his former connections to get information on Kyle and his reasons for being in Lawndale. Becoming jealous once again of Kyle (he had learned about Erin's relationship with ham and was only reassured when he found that Kyle's overseas assignment was to be of a long duration), Brian made use of his contacts. This brought him to the attention of Robert Bakeson, the Deputy Director of DELPHI, who was interested in what he knew of DELPHI operations and sent Franklin Davers to investigate. As a lure, Davers delivered the information to Brian and accompanied him to pass the info on to Erin. After Erin's departure, Brian was interrogated by Davers, who then blanked his memory of all information regarding DELPHI and then severely injured him by throwing him into a tree to simulate his being struck by a vehicle. (He was under orders to kill Brian, but Bakeson was pleased by the results of Davers' actions and let things stand). Brian was severely injured in the mishap, and is still recuperating at home.

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