Alfred Joyce Kilmer Library

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The Kilmer Library in Lawndale

A public library in Lawndale, first seen and named in the episode "See Jane Run." The library appears to be named for the American poet (1886-1918) killed in World War I, who in 1913 wrote “Trees” (“I think that I shall never see / A poem lovely as a tree”). There is a touch of irony here in that the library has only one tree near to it. If there were others, they were all cut down.

The AJK library might be the main branch of the Lawndale Public Library system, another branch of which is seen near Lawndale High in "A Tree Grows in Lawndale." Ironically, the view of the library in "See Jane Run" shows only one tree near it; the grounds around it are mostly grassy. Gotta wonder about that.

The Library in Fanfic[edit]

Though many fanfics include a library in the suburb of Lawndale, few use the proper name that appears on the sign in front of the building in "See Jane Run." The Kilmer library has appeared, by name, in C.E. Forman's "Accept No Substitutes, Michelle Klein-Häss's "Mazel Tov" (from her Lawndale, CT Continuum), Richard Lobinske's "It’s Not All Bad" (from the First Summer series), and in The Angst Guy's "Smoking Mirror" and "Forgotten but not Gone."

In "Smoking Mirror," it is noted that the library has a copy of Tobin's Spirit Guide, a fictitious book on occult lore first mentioned in the 1984 movie Ghostbusters. The book is also mentioned in "The Thirteenth Man," so copies of it might exist in several alternate-universe versions of this library. The presence of the book makes a story a crossover.

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