Alimah Kaur

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The wife of Furmann Singh. Alimah is a very beautiful woman of 'Human' status within The Elite, and is also of pureblood Sikh descent. Chosen from a pool of over 200 handpicked members of the Elite after a ten-year vetting process to choose a suitable marriage partner of Furmann, Alimah is expected to perform as a outstanding example of Elite society, which includes bearing children for Furmann that will become the next generation of Elite upper society.

Alimah possesses her own personal security detail, led by an Elite citizen named Curtiss (and, by basis of his power of enhanced intellect, is also one of the secret 'True Humans'). It is unknown at present what superhuman powers she possesses - but as the wife of a very high-level member of the Elite, it would be safe to assume that her powers are quite potent.

It has been recently revealed that Alimah is the fraternal twin of Chandni Kaur.

It can be assumed that Alimah is currently residing in the Elite's 'throne city' of Sanah Ibek, helping to care for her now-incapacitated husband.