All My Children

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All My Children is a series by Deref and Thea Zara chronicling the pre-Daria series history of the Morgendorffers and Lanes.

Sub-titled "You know how it ends - this is how it began", All My Children had its genesis in a discussion in the SFMB2 chat room, in which Thea Zara said "have you ever noticed that Wind is the odd one out in the Lane kids? All the others are creative and self-assured, but Wind is more like Jake."

The title was one of many thrown into the ring by the authors, and seized on by Deref who, being an Australian and culturally deprived, had no idea that it was the title of a daytime soap opera. So insistent was he that Thea Zara agreed, not realising that he didn't know it was a joke on her part.

Winner of "Favorite Overall", "Favourite Character Development/Redevelopment/Growth", "Favorite Pre-Esteemsters" and "Favorite Helen" stories and tied for "Favorite Crossover" in the 1st Daria Fanworks Awards



All My Children can be found:

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An interview with Deref and Thea Zara about the series, consisting of fan-submitted questions and conducted by E. A. Smith, can be found: