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Aloysius is a Daria fanfic author, best known for the "Scarlett the Fairy" series, where Scarlett is a fairytale being in absurdist adventures.


   Christmas Present
   A Mess in Lawndale
   Dreams and Reality
   Fashion Angels
   Just a Normal Lawndale Day
   Lawndale's Weapon of Choice
   A Minty Move-in Day
   The Night Helen Saved Christmas
   A Fistful of Scarletts
   A Visit to the Church
   The Mis-Adventures of Scarlett the Dark Fairy]
   Daria, in "X-ed"
   A Tale of Three Tired Tropes

The Scarlett the Fairy Series

   Scarlett the Fairy
   Scarlett the Fairy Goes on a Picnic
   Scarlett the Fairy and the Halloween Party
   Scarlett the Fairy Meets Santa Claus
   Scarlett the Fairy's Twelve Days of Christmas
   Springtime for Scarlett the Fairy
   Scarlett the Fairy Goes out for a Pizza
   Scarlett the Fairy and the Snowball Fight

Hell is Crossed People

   Hell is Crossed People--The Story
   Scarlett the Dark Fairy Meets the Crossed
   Crossing the Shelter

The Runaway Series

   The Runaway
   The Identity Game

Tales of the Ringbearers story

   A New Ringbearer


In any story Aloysius writes in which Kevin Thompson and members of the Lawndale Police Department appear together, expect Kevin to be Tasered at some point.

For 2009, he received 6 nominations in the 6th Daria Fanworks Awards, including Favorite New Author.