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Alternapalooza poster from The Daria Diaries

An outdoor rock concert that takes place in Swedesville, a town near Lawndale, in August every year. The concert is mentioned in "Road Worrier" and in a poster inside The Daria Diaries. The lineup consists of rock bands (with tongue-in-cheek names) that have never been heard of outside the Lawndale area, apparently.

The dates for the poster, August 15-17, correspond to Friday-Sunday, 1997. If Daria came to Lawndale in 1997, then the poster is from the concert one year before "Road Worrier."

Timeline issues[edit]

While Diaries places the concert in August, Daria is still in school in the final episode of S1 ("The Misery Chick"). As a result, fans often view either the episode (and "The Teachings of Don Jake") as taking place out of chronological sequence with other episodes or that year's Alternapalooza as occuring in a different month.

It can also be argued that "The Misery Chick" and S2 take place in Daria's junior year.

Alternapalooza in Daria Fanfic[edit]

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